I knew for quite some time that February will be a crazy busy month.

To start with, I was expecting to list at least 5 properties in the first half of the month. But there was more…

On Saturday February 1st, that awful winter storm evening, an ‘out of the area’ realtor puts on the market a condo in the same Markland Woods building my investor won a biding war. With a listing price of 27k less than what we had to pay just a few weeks earlier and offers due anytime! I knew that another biding war was in the cards… unless I could work my magic.

Called the listing office immediately and the answering service took my booking for the same evening, however from experience I expected I would likely only get confirmation for the next day, just like everyone else which was something I was hoping to avoid. So I went to Google, digging for the listing realtor’s direct phone number.

Step by step and voila!

Gus was a very honest, no ‘BS’ realtor and had no problem to confirm my showing for the same night – perfect!

After seeing the unit, I had no doubt in my mind it was a steal at the listing price alone. Back to the phone and to disturb Gus at the wedding he was attending which I forgot to mention, yes he was at a wedding!

I registered my offer with him, but now came the difficult part: I needed to secure the deal by Sunday 10am when his office opens and dozens of realtors start to dial his number…

So, I removed all the conditions from the offer including the one that checks corporation documents. I’m familiar with the building as I have dealt with many units in the Masters before and most recently selling a similar unit just last October. I was confident. Deposit was elevated, closing date constructed to be flexible and short. Price, although not full, was close enough. It was a really strong offer but it was only valid until…..you take a guess…………………… Sunday 10am!

After Gus said yes to presenting it at 9am on Sunday (I guess he would say yes to anything being in that wedding mode) I jumped into my car and started driving to my office through blowing snow to send my offer to Gus, which he re-directed to seller’s email.

Said and done. The waiting game was on.

No wonder I didn’t sleep too well that night, oh and morning couldn’t come fast enough..

9:30am… still nothing…Texting Gus… Waiting…

“We are signing it now. Gus”

9:40am I receive a text from a past client who currently resides in the building: “Irene just offered me the unit” (Irene is a realtor who lives in the building too and just one of few!)

9:46am…ding! My inbox shows an email received


Probably deal of the year!

About tomhomes

fter a long and successful career in Web and Graphic Design, Tom Matovic joined Sutton Group, the fastest growing Canadian Real Estate Company. His past experiences in Interior/Exterior Design, Marketing and Real Estate offer his client unique combination of professionalism, services and skills which translate into client's satisfaction. Tom has been recognized by Sutton group with The Masters Award Club (2006) The President Award Club (2007) and The Platinum Award Club(2008,2009,2010,2011) the highest Sutton Group Honor, for his strong commitment to sales excellence and client service, ethics and professionalism. Tom is helping clients find their new homes and sell their existing ones in Great Toronto area
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