It’s All Roses

Good news from the Sherobee townhouse complex continued with another owner inviting us for a listing presentation. The unit is gorgeous and I sure hope it will break selling records in the complex. The problem is, we must buy something first and so far we are hitting the wall (other bidders). Yes, it’s still a super strong Seller’s market and will likely cool down only after July when school will be out and vacations will be in! 

The last investment property has been sold and 3 new have been secured for my investors. One of those was listed by a commission discount company. As soon as I looked at the listing posted on MLS, I knew how much they (do not) care about the clients – this is my subjective opinion.

I have made trades in this building before and I knew many thing were wrong with the MLS listing. For one, it did not have the unit number, so after I called the owner herself, and as per listing instructions, I realized its a penthouse unit!

Secondly, it was listed as a unit under 500 square feet! The actual size is double that! For sure realtors didn’t bother to call the owner… but I did!

She agreed to pay a buyer commission so I arranged to show the unit and that same night we made a deal! 10k off the listed price! I also secured the deposit with my listing office rather then sending it to the commission discount company. When a deal was reached I sent a copy to the company as the act as the “listing brokerage” and instead of updating the MLS with a ‘Sold Conditional’ status they simply cancelled the listing and took it off the market… BUT the deal was not firm at all! What a disservice to the owner, but again, owner is not represented by them, therefore the owner is completely on their own and if anything goes wrong the owner is responsible and held accountable. In the end the Seller saved 3-4k on the listing side of the commission but could likely get more than that if properly listed with paying both realtors their fees.

And sometimes a realtor gets shorter end of a stick. I also sold two homes for a client giving the client a great discount on the listing commission based on his word that the client would purchase a property with me, once both sales were firm. Regretfully I was later informed the client has a friend who is a local Realtor in the area of interest to buy and this friend will look to help buy the new house.

Ah well, I served the client well, selling one property for market value and the other above market value. I, at least can sleep peacefully.

On a more positive note, my investment into my YouTube videos finally paid off when a new client called and said they were impressed by the YouTube videos We met to discuss real estate… and as I write this blog, I’m happy to inform, purchase has been made!

Long Live YouTube!


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No April Fools

When My listing on a Homelands town home sold, some Realtors thought it’s April fools . Long story short: Flyers that we delivered at the Homelands townhouse complex provided us with another listing. This time the property had not been updated. The owner agreed to list it for sale just under the market value, with the offer date set six days ahead. Six days-six offers, so we were all excited! Our mood changed half way through the presentation when the first 3 offers came at listing price – but not a penny more. Waiting for the last realtor to present, we were sitting at 10k above listing, but still not satisfying to the owner. Then walks in an agent with $30,000 above the listing. Bingo!

Time for more flyers, as our listing sold for the highest value ever (for a unit with no upgrades) in the complex.

The market was just crazy. Soon after, I visited a house where a furnace/gas explosion occurred and the house structure has been compromised.

It was listed for land value only. My client believed he could save some of the structure and with 12 offers in, we came with $43,000 over asking… and firm, just to fall short by another $39,000.


The next property I showed to the same client was a property devastated by a fire and stripped to the bones. It was listed almost at the selling price of the property with the gas explosion and for biding so we opted to wait and see what happens.

You guessed…bad idea… or maybe not so, as it sold $31,000 over asking.

We – my client and myself, rolled our eyes and decided to buy some beers instead.

What else happened in April? One of my clients unfortunately received some inaccurate advice from their lawyer, telling them they can sell their gazebo privately (which was attached to the deck.) Anything attached to a property is considered a fixture and unless it is clearly signed as excluded in the agreement of Purchase and Sale, they must stay with the property (note: ALWAYS… ALWAYS… and this is not a commercial for women… ALWAYS choose a Real Estate lawyer to give you legal advice when dealing with Real Estate matters!) The transaction will still close but if buyer insists – the seller will have to compensate for the gazebo.

Also in April, a first time investor we helped with renovations, sold her property beating previous highest sale by $27,000!

Unfortunately a client who’s property we sold decided to go with another realtor – a friend – who is looking to find her a place downtown.

May will be just as busy.

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March Madness

March Madness

It took me a couple of hard working months to find a property for a very picky client. Picky is not even the right word to describe this gentleman. Every time I finally thought I have the perfect property for him he altered his criteria. I figured out that I just have to say OK each time and that he will either get tired and buy something he decides to like, or he will just give up so I can re-focus.

My first prediction happened! I was so revealed that on the day we firmed the deal I took $100 for fun and went to the casino just to de-stress..
Anyways, first two weeks of March the winter was harassing us here in the GTA and my 5 renovation projects listed in February were all sitting on the market.
March break came, and then like someone just opened the pipe… My Kaneff listing Sold… East Mall stacked TH got 2 offers on the same night and sold for 100% asking price… Milgate Manor Unit Sold… Masters Sold… listed Duke of York and sold on first showing!

Then I got a call from my beloved Sherobee complex were my assistant just delivered our flyers emphasizing our top sales in the last 3 consecutive years. We had the pleasure to list this gorgeous unit.. and you guessed it… sold to the first realtor who went in!

Finally, we managed to get a new client from one of our open houses and listed their own house in central Etobicoke (they signed buyer agreement too -yes!)
And after almost a full year of renovation in the TownHouse at the Mississaga/Oakville border was ready to be listed (at the moment I write this blog- an offer has been registered)

Not to forget, a couple of past clients purchased condominiums as well
Perfect month? Welllllllll… after looking for quite a while I was sure I found a perfect bungalow that absolutely matches all criteria this family of 4 gave me to work with.
I even scheduled an offer presentation in advance in my calendar, that’s how sure I was they just couldn’t not say “no”…. until I learned that the house is not facing the right side of the world (direction)..sigh..

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February Continued

The first week of February was as exciting as the first day!

(Please read the previous blog!)

This time around, I failed to purchase properties for my client on two consecutive occasions, being both times involved in a heavy biding and having to put breaks on the highest offer that had sense for us.

Yes, biding is back and in full swing..

Still, I had to find a new home for the Bendigo house owners!

To avoid these “the biding games” (sorry, no Jennifer Lawrence here) I realized I will have to look for a piece of real-estate that is a bit over priced and be at my very best negotiating level in order to secure it for my client and if possible…. under the market value.

The Lastrada Home, backing onto the ravine, was just a beauty. With work needed to be done listed at 599k it was just siting on the market. But for the right price it was screaming for a new owner and the Bendigo owners loooved it. Last fall, Identical next door beauty sold for 567k.

The negotiations were far from pleasant but the final result was 557k and both my buyer and myself – we’re happy!

What else happened in February?

I listed 4 renovation projects my clients and myself were working on since last November (for the sale results read my next

I also listed a town-house at Sherobee Rd the complex where I had listed in 2012 and 2013 properties that sold for the highest price ever.

This year was no different: beat the top selling price by $13,000!

2012- $361,000

2013- $382,000

2014 -$395,000

Hope to get more listings at Sherobee!

Last but not least, one of my past clients decided to upsize and move from their Square One condo. They purchased a beautiful home in the heart of super trendy Meadowvale Village (Mississauga).

Trouble was on a horizon when the listing agent for a Penthouse condo on Lakeshore called me to let me know that the probate has been contested and she can not guarantee closing on time if at all…

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I knew for quite some time that February will be a crazy busy month.

To start with, I was expecting to list at least 5 properties in the first half of the month. But there was more…

On Saturday February 1st, that awful winter storm evening, an ‘out of the area’ realtor puts on the market a condo in the same Markland Woods building my investor won a biding war. With a listing price of 27k less than what we had to pay just a few weeks earlier and offers due anytime! I knew that another biding war was in the cards… unless I could work my magic.

Called the listing office immediately and the answering service took my booking for the same evening, however from experience I expected I would likely only get confirmation for the next day, just like everyone else which was something I was hoping to avoid. So I went to Google, digging for the listing realtor’s direct phone number.

Step by step and voila!

Gus was a very honest, no ‘BS’ realtor and had no problem to confirm my showing for the same night – perfect!

After seeing the unit, I had no doubt in my mind it was a steal at the listing price alone. Back to the phone and to disturb Gus at the wedding he was attending which I forgot to mention, yes he was at a wedding!

I registered my offer with him, but now came the difficult part: I needed to secure the deal by Sunday 10am when his office opens and dozens of realtors start to dial his number…

So, I removed all the conditions from the offer including the one that checks corporation documents. I’m familiar with the building as I have dealt with many units in the Masters before and most recently selling a similar unit just last October. I was confident. Deposit was elevated, closing date constructed to be flexible and short. Price, although not full, was close enough. It was a really strong offer but it was only valid until… take a guess…………………… Sunday 10am!

After Gus said yes to presenting it at 9am on Sunday (I guess he would say yes to anything being in that wedding mode) I jumped into my car and started driving to my office through blowing snow to send my offer to Gus, which he re-directed to seller’s email.

Said and done. The waiting game was on.

No wonder I didn’t sleep too well that night, oh and morning couldn’t come fast enough..

9:30am… still nothing…Texting Gus… Waiting…

“We are signing it now. Gus”

9:40am I receive a text from a past client who currently resides in the building: “Irene just offered me the unit” (Irene is a realtor who lives in the building too and just one of few!)

9:46am…ding! My inbox shows an email received


Probably deal of the year!

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The Start of a New Year…

January 2014


The year started off phenomenal!

A couple whom I met a long time ago at one of my open houses, but could not establish any contact ever after, out of the blue called me, and asked if I can assist them with their home purchase in Mississauga.

After I learned their requirements I realized that my upcoming listing in Meadowvale could be perfect match!


7347 Bendigo Circle is an amazing 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2 storey house, renovated to the tiniest detail. Sitting on a 50ft wide lot with a double garage and not to mention a huge-deep private backyard – to which this young couple couldn’t say no to – and rightfully so!


Representing both the sellers and the buyers is far from easy… trust me on this one!

Sure enough negotiations were detailed but in the end both parties came to an understanding. Success! 

Now I could start to focus on finding a new place for the Bendigo owners!


Meanwhile, an investment property came on to the market in the prestigious Markland Woods-Central Etobicoke area. An Area which I have become very familiar with and an area in which I have invested a lot in personally and with my clients.

I called one of my investors and after providing detailed information about the property itself (condo), listing agent (I dealt with before), the building, area and showing my past sales at the same address, they decided to let me represent them on the offer day. 

As expected, we were not alone in wanting this unit. Two other realtors registered offers… bidding…here we come. 

Came and won…Frigid arctic temperatures came too. Came and never let go. 

But there was no shortage of work! Another investor (first time) was eager to get her hands on a property she can own and build equity on. After losing a couple of biding wars recently, I finally identified a property which fell under the radar, and with some good negotiation we managed to purchase it 15k off the listing price! What a great feeling, for the both of us!


Search for a new home for Bendigo owners was in full swing..


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